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Sharon C.

"I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis four years ago and was on an Rx but I still have joint stiffness and pain at times. My massage therapist suggested that I try CBD oil. I have been applying it daily and have noticed a significant improvement in muscle pain in my arms, neck and shoulders. Also, the inflammation in my feet has subsided. The range of motion in my neck is better and just recently I noticed an improvement in my posture. CBD (hemp) oil certainly has made my RA more manageable."

Natalie P.

"I have many aches and pains because of arthritis and nerve pain. After applying the CBD the pain subsides within 1/2 hour, if not sooner, and relief is almost always complete and lasts for hours."

Sandy C.

"I have been having this sudden painful foot, that was making it hard to do much of anything. I've been putting on the CBD for the last two days and feel great relief! Who knew something put on externally could get in there to the bones and joints?"