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Sarah P.

I am in excruciating pain from trigeminal neuralgia. The salve you gave me helps a ton! I have been rubbing it on my face due to nerve pain and it really helps. The CBDa capsules you made for me help my breathing at night.

Kat A.

I delivered my gram's oil to her yesterday. She definitely was having a really hard time walking but after twenty minutes or so she got up and made me coffee and was moving around pretty fast. And she sat down on the couch and made a funny face, and she said "hey, I think this is actually working!!" She did not have to go to the ER yesterday and (did not have to take her) vicodin...I can't thank you enough! The next morning, she texted and said, "the oil really helps with the pain." I mean, she literally like couldn't walk, every time she took a step it was so painful.

Sharon C.

"I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis four years ago and was on an Rx but I still have joint stiffness and pain at times. My massage therapist suggested that I try CBD oil. I have been applying it daily and have noticed a significant improvement in muscle pain in my arms, neck and shoulders. Also, the inflammation in my feet has subsided. The range of motion in my neck is better and just recently I noticed an improvement in my posture. CBD (hemp) oil certainly has made my RA more manageable."

Natalie P.

"I have many aches and pains because of arthritis and nerve pain. After applying the CBD the pain subsides within 1/2 hour, if not sooner, and relief is almost always complete and lasts for hours."

Sandy C.

"I have been having this sudden painful foot, that was making it hard to do much of anything. I've been putting on the CBD for the last two days and feel great relief! Who knew something put on externally could get in there to the bones and joints?" 


After being stricken by Lyme, one of my major problems was the inability to sleep more than two hours. Knowing that without sleep, I could not heal. I certainly did not want to take "Big Pharma's" poison pills. A friend suggested that I try cannabis. Previously I had tried a tincture before from another caregiver which gave me the opposite effect for my needs (scary).  LoveGrown was recommended. What a find!  [LoveGrown staff] did an extensive intake session, identifying my current status and what I wanted to achieve. She was knowledgible and skillful. In a very brief time with a few tweaks,  she created the perfect tincture for me - not a 'one size fits all' situation. You need a caregiver with experience and skills. I found that at LoveGrown. 

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I've tried three other oils. Yours is the fourth and it is by far the best! It actually tastes good compared to other oils, and the effects are also better. I will be taking it until I die!


I have Arthritis and Lyme and couldn't get out of bed. I was so sick and took a lot of Motrin every day just to try and help my pain. My brother recommended that I start your products and I haven't taken ANY Motrin since then!


We found another amazing use for your salve! My heel on my right foot has been torture until I started putting salve on my entire ankle, heel and bottom of my foot. We absolutely love your salve. My boyfriend puts it on his calves and it reduces his charlie horses. It's truly a great salve.

Arthur M.

 I am a medically retired Army Infantry Sergeant who suffered numerous injuries during combat operations in Afghanistan. I spent 7 years more in the hospital than out. We finally moved to Maine in July of 2017, mostly due to the legalization of cannabis knowing it was a better alternative than the 17 medications the various specialists I see had me on. I needed an all organic product, I have exposure issues I won’t get into. I also needed and wanted a bit of an education about cannabis from a professional who truly cared about the ways I was suffering and could come up with and discuss alternatives if applicable. I found all of this and so much more through Love Grown. Specially formulated tinctures, incredible edibles, and a very fine smokeable product as well. Getting on a regularly scheduled CBD oil of the highest quality was the first thing that really helped me, but the night time tincture we specifically went over and [LoveGrown] formulated for me was the most magical of gifts! I don’t take ANY pharmaceutical medications any more, I’m in the best health I’ve been in since 2010, and I’ve become so passionate about what they do and why that I can’t stop myself from pitching in and trying to give back. They are such an awesome, caring, and giving company, I feel so blessed to have them in my life! 

Steve & Stacy


When our daughter’s epilepsy grew to include grand mal seizures and the possibility of even more pharmaceuticals we decided to dive into the world of cannabis for a more holistic approach. For a couple of nervous parents who knew nothing about cannabis therapy [LoveGrown] has been the perfect fit! They’re always there to answer questions or give advice and their patience, knowledge and commitment to helping those in need are unmatched. LoveGrown’s many clean, organic products have allowed us to find just the right combination of materials that worked for our daughter and made a big difference in her battle with epilepsy.


I am overcome by yours and Jacks generosity. Both of you have made a huge difference in bringing our daughter out of a drug induced fog, to enjoy the company of her parents. That means more to me than ANY amount of money. The kindness you have in your hearts gives true meaning to the word.... Namaste.